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About Briar Ridge Vineyard

The winemakers at Briar Ridge are famous for producing classic Hunter wines that have all the qualities one would expect from such a prestigious wine region: intense flavours and sophisticated styles. 

The unique soils of Briar Ridge are an important part of the whole viticultural process. They are deep, rich and have a limestone base; their red ochre colour suggests iron oxide, which is a very important element in producing the wonderful flavours that they accomplish.  This happy combination of soil, nutrients and special micro-climate all play important roles in the production of the wines that are indeed unique to the Mount View area. 

The vines are tended by hand, thinned out to give a low yield and this in turn gives up fruit with highly concentrated flavours.  The winemakers at Briar Ridge use modern, eco-friendly methods in their efforts to create their award-winning wines.  Indeed, the whole ethos of the team is that of producing the finest wines possible, while still being kind to the land.

Mark Woods, a graduate of Viticulture and Winemaking, is the chief winemaker at Briar Ridge and his wines have many prestigious awards.  His aim is to 'produce consistent quality wines in an approachable style for all to enjoy.' 

Karl Stockhausen is a guest winemaker at Briar Ridge.  He has over fifty years of experience as a winemaker and is a great asset to the winery.  His reputation as a top winemaker is second to none.  He selects the quality fruit and supervises the making of two of the wines, which are labelled under his own name: Karl Stockhausen Signature Semillon and the Karl Stockhausen Signature Shiraz.  He is also the recipient of the Hunter Living Legends Awards. 

Briar Cottage can accommodate up to six people.  It is located in beautiful bushland, which overlooks the vineyards and views of the Valley.